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ALP Connect IOS Review by Mirage

Posted: September 7, 2014 in News, Reviews

ALP Connect IOS Review

If you haven’t already picked one up, I highly recommend the bluetooth module for your ALP system.  I know many of you don’t want to have more than one device and are waiting for the Android version which should be released by EOY 2014, but I happen to like having an iPod as my only device running the ALP.  I use my Android for running Waze and YaV1 and it is a little cumbersome to run both as I’m constantly switching back and forth between the applications.  Before anyone says anything yes I use the pop-up feature in YaV1 too, but many times I want to see more.  I’m afraid adding another application to my Android might be too much, but regardless I’ll make that determination when the Android version comes out.

The ALP Connect application provides users with complete situational awareness and ease of use.  A couple of things I didn’t mention in the video.  First anytime you receive an alert and want to JTK simply press the screen.  This will mute the alert and stop jamming, but it will continue to give you visual alerts. Tapping the screen also mutes radar alerts as stated in the video.  Second if you want to disable the system all together simply go to the connect screen and hit the blue power button.  This will completely disable the ALP cpu including radar alerts (if you have the radar and GPS module installed).  If you do have the Radar and GPS module installed there are some very nice options for configuring your STiR including band segmentation of both Ka and K band.  Plus you also have 2 city modes for filtering K band falses.  All of these are available at

Things I really like about the ALP Connect Application:

  1. Super clear voice alerts with detailed laser identification.
  2. Seamless integration with STiR although I’m not a fan of the STiR antenna. I hope the V1 integration comes out soon.
  3. Speed enabled alerts for parking, radar, and lidar.  (*GPS module and antenna required).
  4. One click ability to export recent alerts.  Much easier than the control set in which you have to go through a series of key presses.


Some Items that need some work:

  1. Minimal settings configuration.  All settings must be done via the USB stick and
  2. Output volume on device is very low.  More of an issue with the device but using a Bluetooth speaker resolves the issue.
  3.  No GPS speed when GPS is plugged in for non GPS devices.  (iPod vs iPhone)