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RALETC continues to expose the lies in the lidar industry.

It’s OFFICIAL the DragonEye Compact has been slayed by ALPriority.  No other laser jammer on the market has been able to accomplish this task. This gun has been out since 2012 and it took AntiLaser less than 6 months to develop an algorithm to combat the undetectable / unjammable DragonEye Compact.  Even the mighty Laser Interceptor continues to cower at the thought of releasing a firmware update that would handle the Compact’s big brother the Laser Ally / Speed Lidar.  Stating that Dragon would only change the algorithm and leave the community unprotected.  The inability of Laser Interceptor to acquire current versions of the Laser Ally have resulted in the very thing they were trying to avoid.  Keeping the community safe! LI even went as far as to say that the compact can not be defeated with a smart jammer.  Well that was plain not true.  Not only does the AL Priority jam the compact, but also all known versions of the Laser Ally. The latest ALP firmware is rumored to have an adaptive algorithm much like the “Borg” that can compensate for any changes Dragon can throw at them.  MirageTools.NET is proud to have been a part of this release and hope everyone enjoys the video.